Company founder Darko Malic gained his knowledge by working as a tax aide and earning a degree in the same field, followed by studying economics at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne. An additional degree as a Certified Accountant (CCI) at the Steuerfachschule Dr. Endriss and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) helped him deepen his tax competence, which in return enlarges and empowers our consulting actions for small and middle class companies.

Covering the International Accounting Standards like IAS/ IFRS and US-GAAP and to be prepared additionally to the current accounting policies for midsized companies, large incorporations or groups and holdings, he finished the exam as a International Accountancy (CCI).

During many years Darko worked for/with renowned tax advisors and projects, involving mostly small and middle class companies. Independant and proactive work was the base for completing these tasks successfully. That is exactly his specialized and preferred field of activity.

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